About Me


Graduating USC at 20, I learned that taking "authentic risks" was the key to living a life full of adventure. During my undergraduate sojourning years I took many diverse courses in the sun and spirit of Southern California as well as working many jobs for 40 hours a week during college (Queen Mary Tour Guide, Administrative Assistant, Bank Teller, Waitress, Hostess, and Actor). Those years brought forth the needed life skills over the decades to become a teacher and entrepreneur (Catholic Antique Appraiser, Writer,  Digital Entrepreneur, and Santa Barbara Ghost Tour Creator). 

All of us through our hard work, faith, and vision can make our recognized and unrecognized dreams come true and help others along the way.

As both an MPPA and MBA tenured business professor, I have always believed financial success begins with entrepreneurship. Therefore, I have a always delved into the RISK (return and loss) RETURN tradeoff. Currently, (besides teaching) I am the founder and owner of Santa Barbara Ghost Tours,  Antique Content Exchanger, (N.Y.C. Educated) Antique Appraiser.